FAQ for Dancers

Pole Position is an application that is designed to make the process of signing up to dance at clubs more efficient. The application was created to help promote dancers and to facilitate marketing themselves to clubs around the country. This is primarily achieved by first creating a portfolio and then enhancing the portfolio through tutorial videos. Finally, the application also provides a platform for dancers to earn points to create value, shop, and more.

The code is needed as part of security measures to ensure and protect the profiles of every dancer on the app. Pole Position has been designed for exclusive use by dancers and clubs. Multifactor authentication helps enhance Pole Position’s security protocols and remains available only to those two parties, thereby promoting a safe environment for professional dancers.

These codes are supplied directly by the clubs to potential or already established dancers. If a code is not provided to you by the club, invite codes are available upon request through Pole Position. You can request the code by clicking on the link within the app titled “Request Code” and one will be sent to you once the verification has been done and the request approved.

Stage names are preferable and encouraged to protect your identity and to make it easier for club recognition.

Your profile is only visible to authorized club employees who are seeking to connect with dancers.

To create your profile, it is best to choose photos that you believe showcase who you are. Similar to profiles on other platforms, the more photos, the better. We highly encourage straying away from heavily made up photos – let your natural beauty shine! We do not allow photos with people other than you. We also do NOT allow photos of pets, cars, artwork, or other subject-matter that is not you.

Since this is a professional account, and for security reasons, at least one photo of you is required. These photos are utilized by clubs to identify and distinguish you from other dancers.

To edit your profile, you can tap on the ‘person’ icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then hit the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Edit Profile.’

Once you are in the ‘Edit Profile’ screen, you can rearrange the order of your photos by clicking on the photo and keeping the button pressed until the photo is selected. Once the photo is selected, simply drag it to its new placement.

Since this is a professional portfolio, showcase your best assets. The bio section is an excellent place to elaborate on qualities that make you special and outstanding. Examples of these include proficient skills (think pole or floor work), awards within your industry, and any other pertinent talents or skills you may have (sales, communication, etc.) Don’t be shy, showcase them all!

These options are a means to define your areas of comfort, which will serve as a good measure for clubs to identify and connect with dancers. The selections here allow you to market the type of entertainer you are, as well as the types of clubs you want to dance at. This helps minimize invitations to clubs at which you would not have any interest in dancing.

Once back on the application home page, rather than creating a new account click on the ‘I already have an account’ button and the link will prompt you to enter the email and password associated with the account.

Please let us know! We are always looking to expand our network of clubs to make the experience more pleasant for our dancers.

Yes, of course! This is where the referral code comes in. To invite a dancer, click on the ‘Person’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner on the main page. After that, select the three dots on the upper right-hand corner. The next page will display your invite code and provide you with a tab named ‘Invite Friends’. Once this tab is selected, a page will prompt you to choose the contact(s) you wish to invite.

The more you use the app (to request bookings, watch tutorial videos, upload tutorial videos, complete your profile, invite friends, etc.) the higher your score. A higher dancer score will allow you to appear more frequently to clubs. Soon, we will be adding in third-party ancillaries that will allow you to redeem earned points toward purchases.

The audition process for the clubs is unchanged. The app provides allows you to get all the details ahead of time before you contact a club so you can crush that audition with confidence. When a club chooses to connect with you, they will reach out with details. The audition will not be provided by Pole Position.

To contact a club, simply click on the “Find a Club” tab and enter the details of the club you are searching for. The details can include city, name, or zip code. Once selected, you can click on the ‘Details’ tab to view more information about the club and to message the club directly.

Yes, of course! Your video should be five minutes or less and can cover anything dancer related (pole work, floor work, workout tips, makeup, hair, what to bring in your dancer bag, how to deal with difficult clients, sales advice, how to build regulars, how to manage your regulars, how to invest your cash, setting aside enough money for your next showtime, etc.). Pole Position is looking for any advice that you wish you had been given when you began dancing. If you send a video and we choose to use it with the tutorials, you will be provided compensation.  If you are interested, please send the video to submit@poleposition.app. Thank you!

This is a shortcut for you to communicate with your favorite clubs and a way to get notifications from them in return.

No, dancers are not Pole Position employees. Pole Position is a designated third-party platform to facilitate the communication between dancers and clubs. Pole Position is a completely separate entity from both the dancers and the clubs. There is no employment or other relationship between Pole Position and dancers.