FAQ for Clubs

Pole Position is an application that allows direct marketing and communication between the dancers and the clubs on a closed, secure environment.

Only authorized employees at the clubs in the system can see dancer profiles?

On the web: Click the arrow to the left of your name and select profile.

    On the app: Click on the pencil around your profile picture

Pending Requests are from dancers that are either new to your club or not on the pre-approved rollcall list for the requested showtime.

Select the “Bookings Schedule” tab and click on the date you want to create the special event. Select Special Event under the “Booking Type” menu and then fill out the requested information accordingly.

Select the “Bookings Schedule” tab and click on the date you want to create or the booking you want to edit. This will prompt a pop-up window that you can now select to edit an existing booking, or you can fill out the box for the showtime you want to create (this can be a one-time event or reoccurring showtime. Auto rollcalls can also be added from this feature.

A special event is for when your club is hosting a unique event that is an addition to your business as usual practices. Some examples for when you would create a special event include Super Bowl Party, hosting a special DJ, artist or other entertainer. We do not recommend using this for all small events because it will overwhelm the entertainers and they may lose interest when you are hosting larger events.

A booking is your standard everyday house showtimes.

This is for rating within your club system. When you enter past bookings, click on the yellow stars over the entertainer and then rate the dancer based on a five-star system. You can rate the entertainers Appearance, Stage presence, and Professionalism for each showtime that the dancer was checked-in.. The only people that see the ratings are the management team at your club.

No, only the clubs can provide ratings and those ratings are only seen by your management teamand/or club and the dancers cannot communicate with each other though the app.

Managed groups are a way for you to organize all the dancers that your club contracts with. Your management team can decide how these managed groups work. Some examples of managed groups might be if you have girls that are preapproved for night showtimes/day showtimes, if you have a group of VIP girls that are the five-star entertainers you can always rely on, etc. Once these groups are created you can add them to the bookings schedule so that any girl that requests to dance that showtime will automatically get added to that showtime she requested.

If you have a specific group of girls that you want to invite to special events or send a blast notification/message to a select group of girls or all your girls in your registered dancers managed group you can do this through this feature.

Yes, you can block any entertainer at any time, and she will immediately be removed from any search results, managed groups, bookings, etc.

You can unblock a dancer anytime you want as well, you will have to add her back to any groups she was once in.

The conversations tool is used to add synergy to your entire management team so that you always know what was told to an entertainer by another manager. Every manager within your club including your owner and senior management can view what is said in the conversations tab.

Club Settings is your clubs profile page to market to the dancers. The club is not permitted to advertise any pricing or door fees of any kind on our app. The club can have pics, club info, special licensing links and more from this page.

We use the invite code for several purposes. The first is to minimize any catfishing (fake profiles) by doing two factor authentications. The invite code is the first step in authenticating the performer. Second, if an entertainer is brought on with your invite code she is linked to your clubs “registered dancers” managed groups. Lastly, we track how every dancer comes into the app–this is another tool we use to make sure the entertainers on our system are authentic users.

Download the Pole Position App from your app store, YOU WILL NOT NEED AN INVITE CODE!

(We add the clubs in the system through our management in order to ensure that you and your team know all the features of the app. If you do not have an account for your club and need one please reach out to me at caressa@poleposition.app) If your club is in the system you will log in by going to “I already have an account” and enter your email and password. If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password link and follow steps.

Any manager can add an employee. Some examples of an employee you would add is any employee that has access to check girls in and out of showtimes, this might be your door person, housemom or cage person.

Only senior management (GM’s and above) can add and delete managers.

Click on the Entertainers tab and then “find dancers” subcategory. It will pull up dancers closest to you in your area. (In the app just click on “find dancers”) If you want to filter your search then click on the filter option in the upper right-hand corner and make your filter selections.